Primary and secondary school students and teachers, college students and professors, cultural organizations and citizens guided and inspired, excavate language, everyday practices, and their own sensory experiences and memories to discover and  propose alternative representations of taste and sensory experience.

Video I :  Backstage preparations


Video II:   The Exhibits

    Twenty (20) primary and secondary schools of

                  Messinia exhibit:


Recipes with memory. Young students register favorite recipes of parents and elders with narratives, paintings, photography, video, poems and fairy tales.
Gastronomic metaphors in language. Students uncover gastronomic metaphors in colloquial Greek, in lyrics, in modern and ancient texts, in poetry.
Material constructions. Taste and memory in students’ three hundred (300) paintings and art constructions with plasticine.


Video IIIPerformances


Well known academics, artists, musicians, dancers, citizens, students and teachers, and known businesses co-create

Video IV:  TASTE and MEMORY II,  Athens 2013


Symposium-Public Event

University of the Peloponnese

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