Theodore Papatheodorou, Professor and Rector UoP - University and Society
C. Nadia Seremetakis, Professor of Cultural Anthropology, UoP -  The Memory of the Senses
Vassilis Karapostolis, Professor of Culture & Communication, Univ. of Athens -  From Creation to Preservation
Thanassis Valtinos, writer, Academy of Athens - Memories of Cabbage in January
Michalis Meraklis Professor of Folklore, Univ. of Athens - In Search of the Lost Taste?
Petros Themelis, Professor of Archaeology, Univ.of Crete - Archaeological Senses
Takis Katsoulidis, painter and engraver. Katsoulidis Museum of engravings, Messini - Sweet and Bitter Colors
Archbishop Chrysostomos of Messinia, Professor of Theology, Univ.of Athens - Communion: Anamnesis and Society
Aristidis Doulaveras, Ass.Prof. of Folklore, University of Peloponnese - A Taste of Museums of Folkore in Messinia
Theoni Kolliropoulou, Ass.Prof. of Byzantine Philology, University of Peloponnese - Byzantine Tastes
Kostas Tzavaras – Talking of Culture
Albert Arouh – Memory and the Art of a Meal
Antonia Matala –Traditional Eating Habits
Christoforos Preskias – A Chef’s Intervention
Christos Zouraris – Two Sides of the Memory of Taste
Theodore Papatheodorou – Paedea and Society
Lambros Liavas -- Music Tastes
Vassilis Karapostolis – From Creation to Conservation and the Era of Appetite
Xenophon Kappas – When Business and Tradition Meet
Ekaterini Kamilaki – Taste and Gusto: Bread ornamentations in Greece
Evridiki Retsila –Tastes of Tradition in Folk Art Museums
Mimika Giannopoulou – Taste in Archaeological Museums
Manos Stefanidis – Taste in the History of Western Painting
Evgenia Grammatikopoulou – The Awakening of Memory via Taste Experience in Western Literature
Michalis Meimaris – Digital Narrations of Taste
Kostas Georgoussopoulos – The Greek Taste of August 15th 
Georgia Karamitrou-Mendessidi –Ancient Diet: Tastes and Words- an educational program for the young and old
C. Nadia Seremetakis –Taste and Memory: a participatory educational program for the young and old

Symposium-Public Event

University of the Peloponnese

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